Outdoor living. Is it here to stay?

Why outdoor living?

Creating a functional outdoor living space is one of the hottest trends in the building industry. The primary focus of the outdoor living trend is integrating decks and patios with interiors spaces. People want to use these spaces as an extension of their living room. But in Canada with our frequent seasonal change does it make sense to invest time, energy and money into developing your outdoor living space?

I would say, "absolutely". The outdoors are an intricate part of our everyday lives. We spend a large portion of our days working and living inside but we always seem drawn outside into nature. Creating an outdoor living space is an opportunity to create a retreat where we can relax in an comforting atmosphere with family and friends. In a sense, an outdoor living space is a 'get away or escape' from the every day grind that we can have in the comfort of our home.


So why is outdoor living here to stay?

I believe that outdoor living market will continue to grow and expand year after year because the baby boomer generation is driving this market. Baby boomers are now beginning to slow down from work or entering retirement. In other words, baby boomers are now starting to enjoy the 'fruits of all their labors'. Most baby boomers are settled into their last home or have second homes that they want expand and develop for entertaining family and friends.

One of the most economical ways of expanding the home is to develop an outdoor space. The cost of expanding the interior living space can be quite expensive compared to developing a patio or deck in the backyard. Designing a patio or deck to integrate with the interior spaces is a great way to expand the square footage of your house. Creating an extension of the home that allows the beauty of the interior to flow seamlessly into the outdoors. Building an outdoor living space is an opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty of the outdoors within the comfort of one's own home.

The key to building a functional outdoor living space is having the proper design. The advantage of having a good designed outdoor living space is that you get to choose what 'features' best suit your lifestyle. Are you looking for something clean and simple with lots of open space or do you want a multi-tiered deck? Maybe a pool, outdoor kitchen, fire pit, in-floor heating, hot tub or a four season room? There are many options available on the market today. The key is to design your outdoor space with these in mind. Just remember that outdoor living is more than just a square deck. It's an expression of your lifestyle. So think outside the box when it comes to outdoor living.

Matthew Dombowsky

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