Patio System

Patio System

In most Canadian climates the largest issue that homeowners face with their patios is the constant freeze thaw cycles that causes the ground to upheave and shift. IntegraStone’s patio system addresses this issue with the composition of IntegraStone tiles and high density EPS Styrofoam. We can achieve this because IntegraStone tiles have inherent strength and composition of IntegraStone enables it to have incredible ductile, flexural and tensile strength. IntegraStone provides a durable top wear layer for the patio, while the high density EPS Styrofoam mitigates the ground upheaval by acting like a floating slab. IntegraStone tiles are glued down to the Styrofoam and the joints are caulked with polyurethane caulking, making the entire system flexible and waterproof. The flexibility of the system allows for the ground to move without causing individual tiles to lift. IntegraStone’s patio system changes the way you approach building and enjoying your outdoor living space.

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