The outdoors are an intricate part of our everyday lives. We spend a large portion of our days working and living inside but we always seem drawn outside into nature. Outdoor living is an expression of your lifestyle and a unique attitude to life. We create relaxed atmospheres outdoors for family and friends to respite from the everyday grind. We believe that the right design and quality craftsmanship will enrich your quality of life.
Our goal is to create a space—an extension of your home—that allows the beauty of your interior living to flow seamlessly into the outdoors.
IntegraStone. The foundation for luxury outdoor living.

Our Handcrafted Design

Expand your home. Let the beauty of your interior flow seamlessly into the outdoors.

Empower the imagination to dream beyond traditional wood and plastic options.

Weatherproof, waterproof and virtually maintenance free. Highly resistant to slipping, microbial growth and stains. 

Engineered to remain beautiful for generations with our Lifetime Warranty.

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IntegraStone is manufactured by Eneray Sustainable Structures

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