Q. What is IntegraStone?

A. IntegraStone is an engineered exterior tile system for decks, patios, balconies, rooftops and stairs. Each large format tile is individually handcrafted by skilled artisans, giving it the look and feel of natural travertine stone. The inherent strength and composition of IntegraStone enables it to have incredible flexural and compressive strength. These characteristics make it possible to withstand the constant expansion and contraction of Northern freeze thaw cycles. It's this integrity within our tiles that enables IntegraStone to last for generations. Our goal is to create a space—an extension of your home—that allows the beauty of your interior living to flow seamlessly into the outdoors. 

Q. What are IntegraStone made of?

A. IntegraStone utilizes the next generation of pre-cast lightweight high performance fiber reinforced concrete. For its size, IntegraStone is the lightest and strongest hard surface structural flooring materials available today. In addition to its relative lightweight materials, IntegraStone incorporates the same fiber technology that is used to make fighter jets lighter and stronger. Most people are aware of how brittle tile and concrete can be. IntegraStone has the unique ability to flex without breaking, because of its strength and high quality materials.

Q. Where can IntegraStone tiles used?

A. IntegraStone tiles are engineered to be installed over a variety of surfaces. Surfaces like wood, concrete, steel, EPS (Styrofoam) and vinyl membranes. So if you’re looking to build new or retrofit an existing structure, IntegraStone has the versatility to perform on almost any outdoor application. Whether it’s a walkout deck, patio, balcony, rooftop or stairway. IntegraStone opens up new design possibilities that were not available before. The goal is to maximize your outdoor space to create an environment that is as useful and comfortable as the inside of your home. 

Q. What sizes are available?

A. The size of an IntegraStone large format tile is 24" X 24" (606mm X 606mm) and are 7/8" (22.225mm) thick. Click to view tile dimensions. Click here to view tread dimensions.

Q. What does each tile weigh?

A. 24" X 24" tiles weighs 35 lbs or 16 kg (8.5 lbs per sq ft).

Q. What colours are available?

A. 4 standard colours available: Sandstone (light brown) Click to view, Sierra Stone (dark brown) Click to view, Limestone (light grey) Click to view, and Cobalt Grey (dark grey) Click to view

Q. Is IntegraStone stain resistant?

A. IntegraStone is highly resistant to rain, sun, freezing temperatures, most acids and industrial chemicals, deicing salts, cleaning agents (except aromatic solvents).

Q. Is IntegraStone slip resistant?

A. IntegraStone is more slip resistant than ceramic and porcelain tiles and vinyl surfaces. Testing from the Tile Council of North America revealed a slip co-efficiency rating for dry surfaces .83 and wet .74 ASTM C1028. Click here to view ASTM testing.

Q. What exterior applications are available for IntegraStone?

A. IntegraStone can be used on decks, stairs, patios, rooftops, terraces and balconies.

Q. Is grout used to seal IntegraStone joints?

A. IntegraStone does not use traditional grout to seal between tiles. Instead a flexible premium-grade polyurethane caulking. Allowing tiles to move and flex with the structure.

Q. Does IntegraStone require control joints?

A. No. The IntegraStone tile system is designed for movement. Every 2ft there is a control joint. We use polyurethane caulking in between joints that allow for flexibility.

Q. How many joint sealant colours are available?

A. There are 8 standard colours available.

Q. Can IntegraStone be installed in cold weather?

A. Yes. Normally IntegraStone can be installed and sealed in any temperature higher than 39 F (+4 C)

Q. Who installs IntegraStone?

A. Trained and qualified installers must install IntegraStone in order to qualify for the lifetime warranty.

Q. Can a handyman or homeowner learn to install IntegraStone?

A. Yes. Those who have successfully tiled surfaces before will find installing IntegraStone to be very similar to traditional tile. More energy and larger equipment is required to install IntegraStone because the weight of large format tile is more than smaller and thinner tile. A tutorial video can be viewed on the IntegraStone website. In order to qualify for the lifetime warranty, the installer must be a trained IntegraStone installer. 

Q. Can IntegraStone be used as an overlay to repair broken and spalled concrete steps?

A. Yes. Application of IntegraStone over spalled concrete requires the surface to be completely clean of debris and broken concrete. 

Q. What system is used to apply over living space?

A. A professional roofing contractor must install a minimum of a torch down roof membrane. Once the living space has been completely waterproofed IntegraStone can then be installed and sealed.

Q. How is IntegraStone installed over existing concrete?

A. Start by pressure washing the concrete to make sure the glue can have a good bond to the concrete. If concrete is in need of patching use an exterior thin set adhesive to make up for the voids. Once the concrete surface is dry, clean and patched you can begin to lay the tile.

Q. How is IntegraStone installed in interior applications?

A. IntegraStone can be installed over existing floor coverings like vinyl, ceramic tile and wood. Using polyurethane adhesives to bond the tile right over the existing flooring. 

Q. Can I install IntegraStone in a hydronic floor application?

A. Yes. Click on this link for a detailed drawing. 

Q. What maintenance is required with IntegraStone?

A. IntegraStone is sealed from the factory and should not require additional sealing. Over time, if the owner desires a glossier finish an acrylic sealer can be applied.

Q. How long will IntegraStone last?

A. With the proper care, IntegraStone is designed to last over 50 years.

Q. Does IntegraStone have a warranty?

A. Yes, for the lifetime of the original owner. Click here to view warranty.

IntegraStone is manufactured by Eneray Sustainable Structures

 Phone: 888-212-4964

Email: info@integrastone.com